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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions asked by our customers. We’ve taken out time to give answers to them.
Check them out!

We repair most electronics. Computers, laptops, tablets, phones, and video game consoles too. There isn’t much we won’t take a stab at either, so drop in and we will see what we can do.

That depends entirely on your use. If you are happy with the device, then it’s often worth fixing instead of replacing. We will make sure to let you know what we think the best option is either way.

We do reserve the right to refuse a repair, as some devices pose a higher risk of breaking on disassembly. We will be upfront and honest about why we are refusing a repair if that is the case.

Often, yes! We stock new PCs and laptops, and often carry refurbished phones, tablets, and computers as we can get our hands on them.  If you are more inclined to replace than repair, let us know and we can find a solution for you.


We also build custom PCs for any budget, so if a new computer is what you’re after, let us build it for you!

For computers, backups are done in house to local drives, and are either destroyed when work is completed, or kept locally and encrypted for a period of time as requested. Also, when replacing hard drives, the drive is returned to you when we are done, or destroyed before being properly recycled, as preferred.  

For mobile devices, backups are done directly with iCloud/Google etc. and password locked as per normal – or transferred directly from your old device to the new one, with no traces left on any local machine.  

Of note however: while we always strive to keep information, the cloning process can be the last straw that breaks a failing drive. Where possible, it is highly recommended to have a backup before your drive gets to the point of needing to be replaced. 

We stand behind all of our work by offering a 90 Day Limited Warranty on our device repairs, and refurbished devices, so you leave with not just working gadgets, but peace of mind. 

Absolutely we can!  For mobile devices, most can be done for $20, but be advised that if you have a large number of files that the transfer can take upwards of an hour. You will be required to be present until the process gets started to enter applicable passwords. 

For computers, a transfer of files from one computer to another is done at a flat $90, and will often take upwards of 3 hours depending on how much data is to be moved. General setup is included in this total, so please feel free to ask your questions and leave with a fully functional system that is configured to your liking! 

For devices purchased in-store, this transfer service is actually included in your purchase at no additional charge! This goes for our custom builds, laptops, and refurbished devices.  Need some additional on-site setup for your new (or refurbished) PC? Not to worry, we offer a discounted rate of $45 for one PC, $70 for multiple ($10 fuel surcharge applies.) 

We will absolutely look at taking in devices on trade, or outright purchase, and we even offer a consignment option for many devices. Ask us for more details in store!

We do offer sales on consignment for many devices. The fee is calculated at 30% of the amount collected after repairs (as necessary,) with you being paid out the balance. Ask in store for details!

It doesn’t have to be!  With PC builds, you can get exactly what will fit your needs.  We have a selection of custom builds available in store to browse, but you can also give us a specific budget, and what you expect out of your finished product, and we can put together some options for you. 

If you aren’t in a rush, component prices also fluctuate, and we can deal hunt on your behalf to get you even more for your money.

At the end of the day, gaming builds and office/home use builds require many of the same components, and a lot of what makes a good gaming PC will also make productivity tasks run better. We build our personal/office builds with quality components so they give you a long service life and don’t bottleneck your productivity.

Also, you can choose exactly how much drive space, how much memory, how fast of a processor, and what other features/functionality you need – all huge factors in cost – so you can get exactly what you need out of your machine, and not have to compromise on features or price.

We can absolutely come to your home or business to troubleshoot or setup your devices.  A minimum charge of $70 applies, and services are billed at $90/hour with a flat $10 fuel surcharge for travel time (per round trip, as applicable.) 

Often times it is best for us to perform repairs in the store as some jobs can take a substantial amount of time – in these cases we can pickup and deliver at the flat $10/round trip as above. 

For computers purchased in store, on-site setup is offered at a flat $45 for one, or $70 for multiple ($10 fuel surcharge applies.) This can include network configuration, printer setup, etc. 

This will very much depend on what is being repaired and whether we have the required parts in stock (as applicable.)

For mobile devices, most can be done same day (if parts are in stock, or once they arrive,) but we can give an accurate timeline when you come by. Parts shipments are generally done weekly on Wednesdays to arrive Thursday or Friday, but priority shipping is available at a flat $20 fee. 

For computers, many tasks will take upwards of 6 hours, so if you are needing work done in a specific time line, please let us know and we can advise.