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Premium Accessories


We strive to offer a wide range of premium products and quality services, delivered with a smile right here in Sooke; you don’t have to trek into town!

Premium Accessories

Get The Most Out Of Your Gadgets

Whether you have a PC/Mac, iPhone/Android device, or a Game Console, we have you covered! We have a wide range of chargers, headphones, memory cards, and power banks for your mobile devices; solid state drives, USB flash drives, and gaming peripherals for your PC or Mac; and even headsets and controllers (coming soon) for your game consoles. Find this and much more in store!


Cables, adapters, SD cards, flash drives, peripherals, monitors, and more - we have just about everything to help you get the most out of your PC or Mac. We also stock RAM, solid state drives, and desktop power supplies for upgrades and replacements. Of course, we can also help with the install as needed!


We have a range of premium headsets to immerse you in the game, cameras and microphones that will keep your Twitch following happy, and carrying cases to keep your controllers safe when you're moving from one battlefield to the next.


With Speck, Otterbox, and Gear4 cases for many devices, and our custom cut ProtectionPro screen films for all devices, we have a protection solution for you! Of course, we also have chargers, memory cards, headphones and Bluetooth speakers - let us kit out your new phone today!

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